We are seeing floods of #metoo stories across social media - the hashtag is being used to give a sense of the sheer number of people who have been sexually harassed or assaulted. I use people instead of women very specifically because it would be a huge mistake to assume this is just happening to … Continue reading #metoo

The Referendum

I'm so bored of being shouted at. I'm so bored of the tantrums. I'm so bored of getting advice from all sides on how to deal with it. Funny thing is I'm not talking about raising a four year old. I'm talking about grown bloody adults doing nothing but confusing people who are being forced to vote on something we shouldn't even be voting on in the first place.

Why I vote

I vote because a century ago, women petitioned, marched, were arrested, went on hunger strikes, boycotted censuses and even died because they believed in the fundamental importance of my right to vote. I owe it to them to not squander their sacrifices, but to make full use of the right that they fought so hard … Continue reading Why I vote