About Me

Here I am!

My name’s Jenny, I’m in my 30’s and mother to a funny and lively 5 year old who has some speech and language difficulties.

I love to write about parenting, news, holidays, travel and my (very slow) journey to being a healthier and fitter person. But then I also like to blog about cake, food and wine so it all probably balances out in the end…….

I’m supported through this adventure by my husband who leaves our peaceful house in Hampshire in the morning comes home to a house full of chaos, noise and mess.

Its not life as I knew it a few years ago but it’s good fun and very interesting.

Jen x

I love working with brands and organisations! If you are interested in working with me thenΒ just email me on muminpractice@gmail.comΒ with information and I’ll come back to you shortly.Β 

One thought on “About Me

  1. mrssavageangel says:

    Thanks so much for the follow! Nice to find another vaguely thirty something mum with a toddler that never stops πŸ™‚ Will enjoy following your trials and tribulations. Hope you enjoy following mine!

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