Time for school!

With September fast approaching I’ve been thinking back on Miss MIP’s first term and what I’d do differently with the benefit of hindsight. I put the same question to other parents and got some amazing responses.

So here they are – suggestions from parents who have survived the first year of school:

  • Do not send girls to school in white tights – they’ll be ready for the bin after just one wear.
  • Don’t make a big fuss about them not being with you for the day. Try to play it cool and be excited for them and tell them you’ll see them later
  • Don’t worry if they don’t tell you about their day – they’ve spent the whole day interacting with other children and teachers and they might just want some time to themselves to resettle their brains
  • Stock up on water bottles, hair bands, hair clips as they have a habit of vanishing into thin air even when you’ve got loads
  • Never send girls to school in tights on PE day. The teachers who have to help 30+ children get dressed and undressed won’t thank you for it
  • Try to make sure your children wear clothes they can get in and out of – zips are easier than buttons and will make getting changed for PE much less difficult
  • Don’t buy super fancy shoes – they are going to get scuffed up and destroyed in an annoyingly short period of time. Never ever buy patent leather shoes for any child in reception – they won’t make it past day one.
  • Don’t buy white polo shirts for the them to wear in any size bigger than they currently are – they won’t last out the term due to mud, pen and paint so they might as well wear a shirt that fits
  • You can’t have too many cardigans or jumpers
  • Use stamps from Stamptastic instead of labels – they wash well, last for ages and can be used on clothes, shoes and water bottles with ease.
  • Put your child’s name on everything you want back. You’ll be amazed at how big the lost property box gets in the first month.

Take a deep breath. It’s not the easiest thing to have a child starting school but it’s also not the hardest.

It’s going to be fine.

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