A letter to my smallest friend

Hello little one

You are about to embark on the craziest adventure and your biggest adventure to date. Today is your first day at school and while I’m heart broken at losing all the time I get to spend with you now I’m also so excited for you.

You are going to make new friends, play new games, learn new words and learn how to write your name. You get to learn to read…….oh the books that you’ll get to read and the adventures you’ll have with those books as you imagine what the author is seeing and describing. I’m so jealous you get to read those books with fresh eyes and having never heard them before.

You are going to experience the dizzying independence of your first school trips, of dinner at a friends, of walking to class without an adult and the sheer joy of a sleepover at a friends house which absolutely must include a midnight feast.

You are going to learn how to skip, how to climb, how to dance and how to sing. You are going to learn how to brush off people who are mean to you, who to turn to when you need help or if you are in trouble and you are going to learn that sometimes if you make the wrong choices you’ll end up in detention. We’ve all been there sweetheart.

You are going to learn the joy and disappointment that comes with sports day, you are going to learn how to win and how to lose gracefully and you’re going to find something that you really enjoy.

You are going to learn other languages, you are going to learn how to count and how only your Daddy can help you with your maths homework.

You are going to learn how to stick up for children who are being picked on, you are going to learn how sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is give them a hug and you are going to learn how to be a good friend.

You are going to do so much on your own over the next 12 years but you’ll always have us to support you. We’ll drop you off, pick you up and we will only ever be a phone call away – you starting school does free up more time for us as parents but we will always have all the time in the world for you.

My heartbreaks at the thought of you spending so much time away from us but I know that learning how to stand on your own two feet is just as important as having the reassurance of us always being there.

I might not be ready for this but I think you probably are. You are in for some brilliant adventures little one and I can’t wait for you to share them with us.

Now give me a big hug, tell me you love me and run into your school without looking back. I might shed a tear when your back is turned but I’ll be here when you finish to see the big smile I know you’ll have on your face.

Love you


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