How to sabotage your own run

Last week was one of the best running weeks I’ve ever had -after being stuck at 8 minutes constant running for the last few months on Monday I broke the cycle and ran for 10 minutes without stopping. Then on Friday to my overwhelming surprise I ran for 15 minutes without stopping and I felt like I’d just got a gold.

I am a round person who is unfit and unhealthy but I ran for 15 minutes without stopping – something that this time last year seemed impossible.

Today I was aiming for 17 minutes and I grabbed my running kit and headed out the door not realising I’d left something really important behind.

I dropped my daughter at nursery and headed down to the local lake and started my warm up. I noticed lots of uber fit people running around me so moved onto a more quiet spot where no one could see me. I felt my leg twinge as I warmed up and focussed on it a bit too much. I felt my tooth start to hurt again as the painkillers I’ve been taking for it hadn’t started to work yet.

I started to doubt myself.

Maybe the 15 minutes was a fluke? Maybe my watch was wrong and it was actually 1.5 minutes? Maybe I imagined it? Maybe the wind had been behind me? Maybe the painkillers I’ve been taking for my tooth disguised the pain when I ran last time? Maybe I actually wasn’t good enough?

Seems like when I left the house this morning I’d remembered my running shoes, comfy top, socks and capri trousers. I’d remembered my watch, I’d remembered my phone and my kick ass running playlist but I’d totally forgotten to bring any self confidence or a postive mindset to my run.

You can be the fittest person in the world but if you let self doubt into your brain you are fighting your body and your mind which is exhausting. The easiest way to self sabotage your own running experience is to start off by telling yourself why you can’t do it. If you let that doubt get settled in your brain it can be a disaster and knock you totally off your game.

Which is what happened to me today.

I ran for 8 minutes without stopping which is good but it’s also 9 minutes short of where I wanted to be. My legs were hurting but no more than usual so the only thing that was different between this week and last week was how I was feeling when I set off.

Todays run was ok but not what I was hoping for – tomorrow I’ll try again and hopefully remember to bring a little confidence along with me.

Tomorrow is a new day and maybe that 17 minutes will feel more achievable.

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