Teaching kindness

Blogging is a funny old thing – it means you spend a lot of time reading other blogs, keeping an eye on the news and new products for parents.

Sometimes it’s a lot of fun but other times having to read around the sheer amount of parent bashing can be tiresome and heartbreaking.

We are told we need to teach our children to be kind and accepting of others but sometimes I think parents need to be taught that as well. It seems sometimes we are so quick to judge on how babies are fed, how they are clothed, how they are weaned, where they sleep and it doesn’t stop at babies. Parents can be judged on childrens haircuts, how they are educated, whether they go to nursery, if the parents work, if the parents stay at home, what they eat or don’t eat, how they progress, how they sleep and it just goes on and on.

How are we supposed to teach our children to be open minded and to be kind to one another when we can be so quick to cut each other down. I see criticism of car seats, beds, shoes, uniforms, clothes and so much more. When does it stop?

So here is my promise to my daughter. This is a positive blog and I’ll do all I can to keep it that way – I promise to always try and situations from other people’s views and where possible find the positive. I promise to teach you kindness and acceptance through example and to learn from you how to see the world with open and unbiased eyes.

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