The Referendum

I’m so bored of being shouted at. I’m so bored of the tantrums. I’m so bored of getting advice from all sides on how to deal with it.

Funny thing is I’m not talking about raising a four year old. I’m talking about grown bloody adults doing nothing but confusing people who are being forced to vote on something we shouldn’t even be voting on in the first place.

Let’s all go out tomorrow, get our votes cast and then wake up on Friday and hope the decision goes the way we wanted it to.

Maybe then we can get back to normal Facebook feeds featuring pictures of cats and babies. Maybe then we can go back to actually liking each other and being kind to each other rather than slinging hateful words and comments towards other people.

Maybe then the people who run this country can try and regain our respect or gain it in the first place. Maybe they can remember that we pay them to keep us safe and make decisions on things that the average joe public doesn’t understand like import and export, immigration and trade agreements between nations.

I cannot wait for this whole process to be over.

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