Lemon Sherbet Prosecco Cocktails

Fancy something sweet and marvellous on a Friday evening? Well if you are a fan of prosecco (who isn’t) then try this out.

Lemon Sherbet Prosecco Cocktail

First you need a bottle of prosecco – that one you’ve had chilling in the fridge will do just fine.

You’ll also need lemon sorbet and lime cordial, I’m posting this early enough so you’ll have time to pop to the shop and get some.

Parenting – we’re doing it right.

These only take a couple of seconds to make and they are delicious.

Pop one heaped teaspoon of lemon sorbet into the bottom of a tall flute glass. A wine glass is fine. So is a sippy cup or mug depending on what kind of day you’ve had.

Dash a couple of drops of the lime cordial over the sorbet , slowly add in the prosecco and then stir quickly but gently. You want to mix the flavours a bit – not make it flat.

If you want to you can garnish it with a lemon slice but let’s be honest – who really has the time or inclination for a garnish on your drink when you’ve survived dinner and bedtime.

That’s it. Drink up and enjoy your tangy frothy refreshing beverage.



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