101 Ideas to Kick Your Summer Off in Style

With the glorious bank holiday sunshine sparking barbecues across the country, the kids half terms holidays acting as some serious inspiration and those big, long 6 week summer holidays just on the horizon you will no doubt be thinking about starting to plan your big summer adventure.

If, like me, your bank account starts to have a panic attack at the mere suggestion of  all things Legoland then you need to take a look at this excellent new free ebook.  Put together with help of 101 of the best of British bloggers, the ebook is full to the brim with budget activities, fun destinations and just general fun for both you and children to enjoy this summer.

As part of helping put the book together my suggestion was Butser Hill in Hampshire. I wrote;

“It’s a huge space where we can all run around, play games, have picnics and fly kites without having to worry about anything else. Butser Hill on a windy day blows all the cobwebs and worries away – we always come home smiling and feeling like we’ve enjoyed time together.”

Another of the ideas I really enjoyed was White Water Teamwork by Emma at emmaand3.com. She wrote

“I enjoy giving the children challenging experiences where we work together as a team and have family fun. A recent example included white water rafting. Such a fun activity to do when you have older children. You could also try go ape.”

White water rafting does sound like super fun and a great way to bond with the family, but I may have to wait a few years just yet!

Let me know your favourite activity or destination from the ebook!

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