I’m a runner

To the people on Petersfield Heath this evening who thought it was funny to call me names.

Firstly – of course I can hear you, they are cheap headphones not ear defenders so please don’t look so surprised when the person you’ve just called a “fat sweaty bitch” turns around and glares at you.

Secondly – you are right in some ways. I am fat and sweaty but I’m not a bitch. I’m generally a kind person but that I’m aware of my weight doesn’t make a difference to my personality. I‘m trying to loose weight and better myself for both my own health and to set a good example to my daughter. You however will always be a bitch if you don’t clear up that attitude and start to support people trying to walk a positive path.

I may not always be fat but you will always be the person who tried to make me feel crap about it.

Didn’t work though – I ran my route (slowly and not swimming across the lake as my app seems to think) and finished up with a smile on my face.

My first run since the 9th March wasn’t pleasant, was slow and was hard hard work but I’m still proud of myself for going in the first place.

Screw you haters – I’m might be slow, I might be fat but I’m a bloody runner.


N.B – this is a post originally from Facebook, if you aren’t following me there why not come over and join in the fun? http://www.facebook.com/muminpractice 

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