MAD Blog Awards 2016

Exciting news! I’ve been nominated in the MAD (Mum and Dads) Blog Awards 2016. This is just lovely and while I don’t expect to win anything at all my inner competitive Mum feels the need to promote this a bit.


I’ve been nominated for the following categories –

  • MAD Blog of the Year
  • Best Preschool Blog
  • Best Lifestyle Blog
  • Best Blog Writer
  • Best Baby Blog
  • Best Pregnancy Blog

If I get enough nominations in the awards I’ll get to go to the ceremony which will mean a real night out. Wine, pretty dresses, wine, ridiculous shoes and wine. While I don’t even hope to win a thing I would like a reason to buy a new dress and shoes so if you could find the time to nominate me in any of these categories I’d much appreciate it.

You can place your nomination by visiting  and copying my whole blog address  – – to the sections you’d like to place your nomination in making sure you use the http:// bit as well. That’s it. Super easy!

Right. That’s it. Nomination begging over and it’s back to normal blogging business of children, running, holidays and whatever else falls out of my brain.

Thanks to those who nominated me – it was really very kind of you and has really made my day.



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