Counting down to 11,700 miles

In just a few weeks we will be boarding our Qantas flight in London and travelling 11,700 miles to Nelson in New Zealand. This is a huge trip for us. Over 3 years ago my brother in law and his family moved to New Zealand and this will be the first time we’ve seen them in person since they left and I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about the trip.

I’m excited but I’m also worried – it is such a long way and part of my concern is about spending 26 hours on a plane with an excitable 3 year old.
We’ve booked to go with Qantas because the price was the best and because we liked what we read about them. All in all the flights were less than I thought they’d be at £2,355 for two adults and one child but it’s safe to say we won’t be taking the upgrade to premium economy as its an eye watering £4,700 extra to do so. What on earth happens in premium economy that you could justify paying £7,000 for three flights?
N.B – if anyone from Qantas is listening and wants to bump us up to Premium Economy in a row of three I’d be delighted to take that upgrade and blog about it…….  😉 
As well as a really competitive price we were really pleased with the 30 kilo luggage allowance, a decent amount of leg room with foot rest, a snack cabin to help yourself from during your journey  (helpful when you are travelling with a small human who doesn’t stop eating. Ever) and a really good selection of films and TV for us all to watch. If from reading this you have any intention of emailing me telling me off for letting my child watch too much TV then I’d advise you to stop right now. It’s 35 HOURS people – if watching Frozen for 35 straight hours is going to stop us and anyone else around going insane then that is what is happening.
From a family travel point of view we were also impressed that a child ticket gets the same luggage allowance, proper food portions on an actual plate which comes out before the adults, an activity pack on board and a great little app which has really helped her to get excited about the trip. Maybe too excited in fact – she has asked every single day if we are going on holiday since we booked it. Which brings me to my very first travel tip –
Don’t tell children you are going on holiday until a week before you go
Seriously. Don’t do it. We booked in January and she has asked every single day if we are going yet. Major mistake on our part.
I’ll be blogging about the whole trip as we go along – booking, airports, flights, comfort, connecting flights, luggage, service and anything else that comes up. I’ve found it pretty difficult to get the up to date information I was looking for so hopefully this blog will answer any questions other families might have as well. If there is anything specific you’d like me to cover then please email me on and I’ll do what I can to help.
With less than a month to go, 5 pages of packing lists and to do lists, three suitcases, two travel books and a whole bunch of hopes and wishes I’m getting ready for this amazing trip. I hope you’ll enjoy sharing it with me.

2 thoughts on “Counting down to 11,700 miles

  1. Alan says:

    Came across your blog by accident and I’ve really enjoyed it! I’m not a parent but have relatives who are and the stories sound so similar. I live in the USA in Louisiana and married to an Aussie so we make trips to Oz every 18-24 months to see family. In fact she’s making a solo trip this June to see some family members one more time who are quite late in the winter of their years. We’ll both go down in late 2018 flying non-stop from Dallas to Sydney.

    On your question about Premium Economy on Qantas…is it worth it? YES. It’s a nice in-between of economy and business classes. The seats are two inches wider and there’s at least six more inches of leg room. I’ve flown both classes and it makes a tremendous difference! They also lean back a few degrees further with a foot rest that extends out if you want it to. The arm rests do not move so no cuddling with your spouse. You are allowed to board early and settled in while being served with a drink or juice…in REAL glasses! With a slightly more varied selection of meals you have food in ceramic dishes (not plastic) and real silverware (again, not plastic). There are only 37 seats in this section on the A380 and a dedicated flight crew. It doesn’t feel crowded.

    The blankets and pillows are bigger plus you are given sound-deadening earphones. The A380 is already such a quiet aircraft but with the earphones it is near…but not quite…silent as you fly unless you’re on the entertainment system.

    The first time we flew Premium Economy my wife said “I’m never flying Economy again!” So we spend the time between flights to Oz saving up funds in a travel account so we can afford the seats. Yes, it is not cheap compared to Economy but I arrive in a better mood and more rested. If you’re able, give PE a try. It does not shorten the trip to New Zealand but you won’t feel so beaten up by the experience!

    • muminpractice says:

      I would LOVE to have flown Premium Economy for the experience but for an extra £4700 ($5716) it just wasn’t an option on top of what we’d already paid. That and I’m not sure anyone in PE wants a four year old in with them! So glad you like the blog though 🙂

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