The first step is the hardest

I thought about going for a run for at least 6 months before I actually went and did it. I said I didn’t have the right shoes, I didn’t have the right kit, I didn’t have the time, the weather wasn’t right as it was too warm or too cold and a million of other excuses.

Realistically I was terrified – I’m a very round person running in public for the first time in around 15 years and that was hugely daunting. The most important step I took was the first one though, once I’d actually got out the car and taken those first few steps I realised that it wasn’t as huge as I’d made it out to be. Even though I couldn’t run for more than a few seconds before I got winded I could take those first few steps and that was what counted.

I asked the ladies on the Run Mummy Run for some advice for first time runners and they came up with some really lovely suggestions. If you are thinking of going for a run but need a bit of self confidence or bravery have a read of these……

If you’re overweight like me, then it’s vital to get gait analysed to ensure correct shoes, this will help avoid injuries. C25K is a great app, but don’t be afraid to repeat days/weeks as necessary. If you’re not very fit running can be a big shock to the system, better to build strength and endurance slowly than push too hard, too soon and pick up an injury. Remember you are awesome for getting out there! – Deborah

A good sports bra! – Vicki

Don’t give up, keep going even if you can only manage 1 minute you are still a runner and are still amazing – Claire

Don’t give up – the first 3 runs you do will all feel awful and leave your body & confidence pretty battered….then you will start to feel slightly better, bit by bit and before you know it you will go for a run and it will feel actually ok! – Emily

Gait. Join Run Mummy Run. Don’t compare, don’t worry. Remember why your starting this journey. Have a goal. Get support – Hannah

From someone who is overweight and very self conscious – my main advice is don’t care about what you think people might say, it is about you and your battle and any speed you do is faster than not trying. Also it gets quicker. The feeling from achieving something you thought impossible is amazing and worth every battle through those first km! Oh and last piece of advice – go to parkruns, people are more supportive than you could ever imagine x – Faye

Stop worrying that people are looking at you… If they’re looking at you, they’re most likely thinking about how fabulous you are! Buy proper trainers! And remember that you are a queen and go for it – Hana

So if you are thinking of trying running please don’t let your fear get the best of you. No matter what shape or size you are I truly believe that running is something that most enable bodied people can do. It’s not a race, you are only competing with yourself and apart from shoes and a bra (if you wear one!) you don’t need special kit.

Get yourself some support either in the form of family or friends or if you prefer a bit of anonymity then head over to the Run Mummy Run closed Facebook group. I haven’t often come across such an overwhelmingly nice bunch of women – some are just starting out and some are ultra marathon runners but the thing they all have in common is they all had to take that first step at some point. They all make time to support you when you aren’t sure, offer the expertise they have and to encourage you to keep going when you want to give up. It really is a remarkable and welcoming online community.

So go on. Take those first steps and go for a little jog about or even a fast walk – you’ll be so proud of yourself when you do.

Let me know how you get on and well done for taking those first difficult steps.


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