Dear America……

You have a problem and it’s a problem the whole world can see. Our hearts are breaking for you because you have a problem.

You know you have a problem when your children aren’t safe going to school. You know you have a problem when you can’t be sure you’ll be safe going to a cinema. You know you have a problem when you aren’t safe going to a church. You know you have a problem when your reporters and camera crew are shot on live TV.

You have a problem.

Praying isn’t going to solve this problem. Installing metal detectors in schools won’t solve the problem. Preaching the words of the second amendment and your right to bear arms isn’t going to solve the problem. Wishing isn’t going to stop the problem.

You have to get rid of your guns.

Our hearts break for your America. How can a country that so many people look to as a picture of freedom and hope have such a fundamental problem with gun control?

Demand change. Demand that your children will be safe in school. Demand that your wives, husbands, daughters and sons are safe going to work. Demand that you can go to the shops and be safe. Demand you can go to church, to temple, to your mosques, to your synagogues and be safe. Demand your basic right to be safe on the streets.

Demand change.

You can do it – you just need to put enough pressure to get laws changed. No civilian ย and untrained person needs to own a weapon meant for modern warfare and they should never be able to buy it from Walmart. A child could see that is madness.

You have a problem. Demand change. Stop letting innocent people die because your laws are flawed.

Our hearts are breaking for you America. Tears are flowing around the world for your problem.

Demand change America. Get your laws changed. Get your priorities in order – reword a law written over 200 years ago or make new laws. Get your guns off the streets. Get your laws changed.

You have a problem America. Please stop these shootings.

Demand change.

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