Run Mummy Run!

The online community is a funny thing isn’t it? It’s strange how people you’ve never met can motivate you to do things you never considered possible.

I’ve been running for 8 weeks using the couch to 5k program and as an unfit person I’ll admit to being totally intimidated by everything to do with running. I’ve never even set foot in a running shop because I still feel like I don’t belong.

However I did discover a group called Run Mummy Run and in that group I found something I’ve not found anywhere else which is universal acceptance and encouragement. Some of these ladies run ultra-marathons and some of them are just starting out like me but they have taught me it’s not about distance and speed – it’s about getting up and going. It doesn’t matter if you run for 60 seconds or 60 miles, by going in the first place I’m already doing better than I was sat on the sofa. I’ve seen inspiring posts, funny posts, posts looking for product advice and so many pretty shoes!

On my second ever run I got called fat by someone. I was crushed and just about ready to give up, go home and throw my running shoes away. Through encouragement from RMR I was given enough confidence to not only go running again but to go to the same place, hold my head up high, let my ponytail swish and know I was better than those bullies. They taught me to keep going, keep trying and keep celebrating my achievements no matter how small they may be.

Run Mummy Run has shown me that This Girl Can do whatever I set my mind to and I know they’ll be there to support me until I cross the finish line and beyond.

Run Mummy Run website –

Run Mummy Run facebook group –

(I know this reads like a paid for blog but it really isn’t! I’ve just been so happy with all the support from RMR it seems a shame not to share my secret)

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