Sizing me up

Dear high street clothing designer,

You aren’t a big fan of cake are you? I’m guessing that by the fact you have no idea on how to design clothes for people over a size 14 or people with a smaller waist and larger bust.

It’s ok though – let me help you.


Please stop assuming that only people a size 12 and under like to exercise. Size XL is not XL – it’s mostly a 16 which isn’t what a lot of people wouldn’t class as an XL size. I might be round but I still like to wear good technical kit that will keep parts of my body still while the other parts are free to move. Without good kit comes injury, chafing and disenchantment which leads to more people sat on sofas rather than feeling encouraged and empowered to move.


This is for everything – sportswear, casual wear, wedding dresses and every other kind of clothing. WHY CAN’T IT ALL BE THE SAME?!

I’m really proud of my weight loss but if I try to buy new clothes it’s very easy to think all this effort is for nowt. How can it be I am an XL in Nike Dri-Fit Leggings but a size 14 in Slazenger Zoom Leggings or a size 18 in Next Bootcut Jeans but a size 14 in New Look jeans or even more annoyingly a size 15 or 17 in most shops which doesn’t even exist! Don’t even get me started that I don’t even exist as far as shops like French Connection or Coast are concerned – apparently if you aren’t a size 14 maximum they aren’t going to display clothes for you to look at. I swear they think I’ll take up too much space in the shop so they don’t want me to be in there.

Can you please all just get together and decide what size is what so when I go to get a new outfit I don’t have to take a size 14, 16 and 18 to the changing room with me?

Petite clothes

Excellent idea in principle but please can you tell me where it’s written down that if you are 5″3 and under you won’t be more than a size 14? Because that’s how it appears in most of the shops I visit – there is NEVER size 16 stock in the petite section which means I end up buying jeans from the regular sections that soon become scuffed from constantly being worn under my feet and heels. Which then means another depressing trip the the shops and changing rooms to buy more jeans that don’t fit me properly.


This is a separate note but just as valid. Why do shops have such awful lighting in their changing rooms? It’s almost like they don’t want you to buy any clothes but send you home in a fit of despair to eat cake instead.

Empire lines

Putting a top or a dress with an empire style waistline in a plus size range just makes most people look pregnant. If I wear anything from FatFace (home of the floaty top) I have to ensure I’m always holding a glass of wine to stop people asking me when I’m due. Please don’t assume you have provided a line of excellent clothes for curvy women just because it’s full of skinny jeans made of stretchy material and floaty tops to cover our biscuit sins.

So there it is:

  • Sportswear for all sizes to encourage and empower people to exercise
  • Clothing sizes that make sense and are the same as other stores
  • Petite clothing for people over a size 14
  • Lighting in changing rooms to be less soul destroying
  • Empire lines doesn’t mean you’ve designed the perfect piece for someone over a size 12

And don’t even get me started on why bras over a C cup stop being pretty and suddenly turn into structural monstrosities…..

One thought on “Sizing me up

  1. Nichola Briggs says:

    Amen to this post. I am totally with you on this one. i have a big bust so i can’t buy a bikini as i get a 16 waist they make them to fit a c/d cup bust and don’t even start me on fitted dresses, glad i have no weddings to attend for a while!! x

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