Wet. Wet. Wet.

Feeling pretty pleased with myself today – not only did I move onto Week 3 Day 1 of Couch to 5k but I went out in the pouring rain with a stinking hangover.

Lessons learned from today’s run in the rain

#1 Have a cup of tea ready in the car to warm up with when you finish (drink while feeling smug for bring so prepared)


#2 Running in the rain is lots of fun as you get to splash through puddles like a toddler. Unless even the ducks are hiding out. Then its probably raining so hard you should probably go home


#3 I don’t understand fishing. Why wouldn’t you just go camping?


#4 Boardwalks make me feel super sporty when I run over them. Unless they are wet because then they turn into total death traps designed to maim or kill me


All in all it went pretty well – I’m pleased I waited a few days before moving onto the next week though as I feel much more confident about moving onto the next stage. I wasn’t able to complete the full 3 minute run but it was a pretty good attempt on the whole and I’m actually looking forward to giving it another go on Tuesday.

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