Should I stay or should I move on?

Couch to 5k – Week 2 Run 4

Today I’m after some advice – I’m on week two of couch to 5k which is made up of 90 second running and 2 minutes walking but as yet I haven’t been able to run for all of the 90 second periods. In fact I’m between 5 and 15 seconds off finishing each running interval which feels like quite a lot.

So I need some advice on what to do now. I’ve already added an extra run onto this weeks runs because I didn’t feel ready for the next stage yet so do I just stick on week 2 until I can complete all the 90 second running sections or do I move forward and push through?

I’d really appreciate some advice from runners and other couch to 5k people – did you just keep pushing through or did you wait till you could complete each section before moving on?

2 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I move on?

  1. carrieawatermelon says:

    i’d maybe stick with week 2 for a couple more runs, if you’re only 15ish seconds off then that isn’t much and you should be able to make that up over the next few runs. Concentrate on pacing yourself, I struggled with this, I’d run hell for leather at the beginning, and die towards the end. Remember timing doesn’t really matter, the main thing is that you’re doing it and you will improve the more you do it, its science. Well done so far!! I hope that I will be able to get back to running once I’ve had my babe in September, I think I’ve put on about 4 stone so far.

  2. amandaturner612 says:

    I think you should stay on week 2 until you can do the full 90 seconds- but also slowwww down your running pace so you can get there. Running does not mean running fast, necessarily 🙂

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