This Girl Can

Couch to 5k – Week 1 Run 2

I’ve been doing pretty well with the weight loss recently but it has become time to do some exercise to go with it. I’ve been doing Davina Fit in 15 and some yoga and while I feel they are helping with my weight loss I don’t feel like they are helping to get me healthier. After much looking about I decided I wanted to supplement my diet and home DVD’s with some running and chose the NHS couch to 5k programme as a) it’s free b) it’s free and c) it would get me out of the house which is somewhat of a luxury at the moment.

I did the first run on Monday and followed up today with my second run. The format is pretty simple in that you download a series of podcasts and listen to them while walking / running three times a week. Week 1 is based on  5 minute warm up walk and then intervals of 60 seconds running and 90 seconds walking as a recovery period.

As you can’t run on consecutive days today was my second run and I really didn’t want to go. At all. It was raining and I was tired as Miss MIP has had a difficult couple of nights with sleep so in turn we haven’t slept either but I knew if I didn’t go today I’d find an excuse not to go tomorrow so I hauled myself up off the sofa and got my trainers on.

I ran and walked around our local lake for 20 minutes and by the end looked a mess. Actual sweat dripping off my face and my thighs wanted to kill me. I’m a size 16 / 18 and they only things I traditionally run for is either a train or last orders at the bar – in fact I haven’t run for fun since 1998. Safe to say my whole body wants to kill me actually.

But I feel pretty good. I’m a red and sweaty mess but I ran for a total of 8 minutes (well probably more like 6 if I take off the time I spent remembering to breathe and messing around with my headphones). That’s not much but it’s more than I did last week so I’ll take the victory.

Most of the other women running around me we total visions in Lycra – long and lean legs and not a jiggle in sight but I refuse to be intimidated by other people as I’m sure they all had to start somewhere as well. I suspect most of the women I saw this morning were actually made in some sort of perfect woman factory but there were a few like me. A few people who are probably just as fond of cake and terrified of Lycra as I am. As we walked and ran past each other we gave little smiles and nods of encouragement because we are the same.

We are the girls who got picked last for teams at school, we are the girls who make jokes about our weight so other people don’t have to, we are the girls who can’t find decent sports kit in plus sizes and we are the girls who are utterly baffled by the sheer mechanics involved in putting sports bra on.

But now we are the girls who are united by sheer determination, we are the girls who jiggle and wiggle but go anyway and we are the girls who may never win medals for races but today we win just by throwing aside all of our insecurities and going out for a run, swim, walk or cycle anyway. Today we win.

Because This Girl Can. We all can.

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