Why I vote

I vote because a century ago, women petitioned, marched, were arrested, went on hunger strikes, boycotted censuses and even died because they believed in the fundamental importance of my right to vote. I owe it to them to not squander their sacrifices, but to make full use of the right that they fought so hard for.

I’ll be voting because I can. I’ll be voting because I should. I’ve voted in every election – local, European and national – because it’s my right and if I don’t use that right someone could assume I don’t care and take that right away from me.

It’s easy to sound it doesn’t make a difference, that you don’t like any of them or that it’s all just a conspiracy theory and voting doesn’t matter anyway. But what if it does? What if by not voting because you don’t think it matters the people who do think it matters vote a party like UKIP in? It’s much harder to get someone out of power than in.

Please make sure you vote. Because it does matter. If your rights matter to you then your right to vote should matter as well. Even if you spoil the paper as a protest vote it still counts as making your voice heard.

So please vote. Spoil a paper if you must, vote for a party you feel passionate about or just the ones that have the most policies you agree with but please vote.

It’s your right that someone has fought to get you. Don’t waste it.

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