Helping People in Nepal

I’m seeing a few posts on selling sites etc asking for donations of clothes and tents to help people in Nepal. Please always ask which charity they are operating on behalf of – most won’t even take clothing donations as yet as the distribution costs etc are too high so please make sure you are donating your things to an actual charity and they will do what they say they will.

It’s not nice to be so cynical I know but there are some truly horrible out there who look to play on other peoples emotions during times of disaster.

As far as I know (and feel free to correct me on this!) currently the best way to help is to donate to charities trying to help people on the ground. They can spend this money on what is needed rather that what we think is needed.

Here are some links and numbers that can help you donate if you’d like to.

People helping people is what brings us together as a species so lets all make sure we are giving to the right places.

Information from the Charity Commission


Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) – Text the word Nepal to 70000 to give Β£5

UNICEF – text NEPAL to 70123 to donate Β£5

OXFAM – click here for information

Save The Children – click here for information

Red Cross – click here for information

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