The art of looking human

Earlier this week I decided I needed to take back a bit of my own life – my daughter is nearly three I thought it was time I let a bit more ‘me time’ into my life. This is pretty difficult as Emma doesn’t go to nursery and vehemently disapproves of anything that isn’t totally focussed on her.

I woke at 6:45am, got Emma up and dressed and then got into my fitness stuff. While Emma ate her breakfast I got 30 minutes of Davina McCall fitness based hell in – how on earth does that woman stay so blimin’ chirpy? Is it something that happens once you get abs? The abs appear and you instantly become a person who can smile and joke even when sweating?

Anyway by the time I’d finished it was 8:00am so I jumped in the shower, washed my hair, shaved my legs, got out the shower and put leave in conditioner in. I then cleaned my teeth, moisturised, put some make up on and finally brushed and put back my hair. By the time I got dressed and was sat down with Emma ready for breakfast it was 9:30.

I made my breakfast, drank my first cup of tea and glanced at the clock – it was nearly 10:00 which means this whole process had taken nearly three hours!

I used to be able to get up, showered, dressed and ready to leave the house to go to work in 30 minutes and now it’s taking me 3 hours to do all of this? What’s happened to me?

I’ll explain.

My 30 minute workout took 1 hour because I have a two year old who thought it looked like great fun and joined in with me. This was fine during the cardio section but its very hard to do your stretches properly with a toddler sat on your back riding you like a little pony.

My usual 5 minute shower took longer because of all the primping and preening required as the warmer months approaching but even so that was no longer than 30 minutes. The extra hour was taken up by the small person bringing me things to have in the shower with me – a rubber duck, a pretend cup of tea and some lego – and then the same small person jumping in the shower unexpectedly resulting in her needing a full change of clothes, dry hair and a clean nappy.

Even my breakfast took 30 minutes because my shower had taken so long Emma was hungry again and wanted to eat most of my breakfast.

In conclusion I can only summarise that it isn’t the time for me to take back my own life and I’m not sure I ever will but I just don’t understand how other people do it. I see these glamor-mums – they’ve all got fabulous hair, manicured nails and perfect make up and I just don’t understand how it’s done. Is it a skill built up over time or do they get up 2 hours earlier than their children to achieve that look? I like to look presentable but I’m just not sure I care enough to get up at 5:00am to look less shabby!

So – are you a slummy mummy like me or are you a glamor-mum? If you are a glamor-mum how on earth do you manage it? I’ll take all your hints,tips and comments on board but I’ll probably be sat on the sofa in my PJ’s eating nutella on toast while I read them……… 😉

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