Punching people is apparently ok – as long as you are funny

It doesn’t matter how many people sign a petition. An employee of a company has had an allegation of violence made against him so as per the norm with any other employee he has been suspended. If he wasn’t suspended this would imply that people who are funny or famous don’t have to stick within the rules of common decency or employment. He hasn’t been sacked he’s just been suspended while an investigation is carried out. He’s just being treated like a normal person and yet this seems to have caused outrage.

Lets look at it differently. If you heard that a member of staff at a school threw a punch at a teacher and was suspended for that behaviour you wouldn’t be surprised. If you then heard that they decided to reinstate that person and not treat them like any other employee because they were really popular and funny wouldn’t you be a bit surprised? How about if you were a member of family or a friend of the person that was punched – wouldn’t you be annoyed if you saw the other person being given special treatment just because they were really well known? Of course you would – you’d be surprised and a bit annoyed that this person was being treated differently.

So before anymore people sign that petition claiming its the PC brigade gone mad try to remember that this isn’t about a TV show. This is about a man throwing a punch at another man and by signing that petition you are saying that’s an ok thing to do as long as it’s being done by someone well known or funny.

And even if they do sack him you’ll find another Top Gear like show on the TV to replace it starring Clarkson and Company within 6 months anyway as multiple TV channels will be dying to snap him up after all this publicity.

So no. No matter how many times you share a picture telling me to sign a petition to bring back Clarkson or not to let the PC brigade win I will not sign that petition. Because he’s a normal bloke who apparently tried to punch someone and no matter who you are that’s not right.

*rant over*


matter who you are that’s not right.

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