Let’s just stop with the shaming

Sarah Stage is an incredibly hot model who’s come under fire recently because she’s 8 months pregnant and looks like this 8 months

Yes. She’s EIGHT months pregnant. I mean…come on….. at 8 months pregnant I resembled a small whale and couldn’t put my socks on and this woman has a body I’d die for right now. She must put in hundreds of hours at the gym, consider every meal she eats and just be so dedicated to keeping her body in that amazing condition.

She posts pictures of her amazing body on Instagram saying she’s excited to meet her baby and she’s counting down the weeks like so many of us did but she’s been getting comments like these:

“Most definitely not normal that poor baby will come out with something wrong with it for her starving herself it’s a shame they let people like this reproduce.”

“So are u starving your baby orrr?”

“Does no one realize she looks 2-3 month pregnant while she’s 8 months pregnant? Her baby is tiny, that’s not healthy. I’m surprise the baby is surviving off of shakes and salads.”

Can you even imagine reading comments like that at 34 weeks pregnant? Now aside from looking like a small whale at 34 weeks and being constantly sockless I spent most of that time being scared every time the baby did move and even more scared when it didn’t. Everything is scary when you are pregnant – sometimes its exciting and scary at the same time but there is often a tinge of fear.

And what’s with the negativity at every turn? I’ve no doubt she’s seen doctors and has a medical team looking after her so who are these people to judge her? How about instead of shaming her for being too fit, having too many muscles or not looking like most people during pregnancy we celebrate the fact that she’s happy and healthy in her lifestyle and be with her rather than against her?

We’ve got to stop being such a judgemental society. We’ve got to stop shaming and judging people because they don’t look the same as us, because they don’t believe the same as us, because they don’t talk the same as us or because they don’t live in the same place as us.

Imagine how much happier and mentally healthier so many people would be if they stopped judging other people, if they just stopped being mean and focussed on the positives in life instead? What a nicer society and a nicer world it would be if all the shaming and the judging just – stopped.

Now just to figure out how to make that happen……..

2 thoughts on “Let’s just stop with the shaming

  1. sagelit says:

    If only they took those negative comments and took a look in the mirror. Perhaps if everyone aspired to be fitter during pregnancy, the complications I see in medical malpractice wouldn’t occur as often.

  2. katejamesonline says:

    Good for her for staying healthy – they would only be saying the same negative things to her if she was morbidly obese! There’s no pleasing some people…… Now pass me the Chinese it’s made me depressed how much of a whale I look compared to her hahahah x

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