That Katie Price Argument…..

I was interested to see so many different a points of view on this this week – I was also surprised to see some of the venom that Katie Price seems to bring out in people. How can people hate someone they’ve never met so much? Don’t get me wrong I haven’t met her either but she seems like a working mum bringing up a family. Just like one of us except she doesn’t worry about paying some of her bills each month.

I saw so many arguments saying she is worth so much she should pay for it and the wealthy shouldn’t be able to claim benefits like this. But the thing is – how do you means test it? Where do you draw the line and how often is it assessed?

People who work in the entertainment industry have such varying incomes you couldn’t means test on a tax return basis and the person who would all suffer from this is the kid with disabilities. We are very lucky to have a system here that protects and provides for people who need it and this isn’t about a millionaire mum it’s about a disabled boy who needs special care and has to have a nurse travel with him who can resuscitate him if he dies on the way to school. On the way to school because he’s just a child

I just think that at a time like this we should be more singing the praises of a system that provides rather than saying someone doesn’t deserve it somehow.

That’s all.

One thought on “That Katie Price Argument…..

  1. familygblog says:

    David Cameron received disability allowance for his late son so why shouldn’t katie claim too? I think we get too annoyed at the people who claim benifets and don’t think about the people who make the rules that allow people to do so! As they say you can’t hate the player, hate the game.

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