Weighing in again

So I’ve put the Christmas indulgence behind me and decided it’s time to try and loose a few pounds again. We are off on holiday in May with a couple of friends – insane people to choose to go on holiday with a family that has a toddler who doesn’t sleep but what marvellous friends they are for agreeing to it!

Just look at this place…… *sigh*


How nice does that look? It’s my home screen on the laptop and tablet and I have a calendar countdown till the day we go in May. I’m so excited but also very aware that that pool means some sort of swimming attire.

Now the people I’m going with are my gorgeous husband, adorable toddler and our two ridiculously good looking friends who are also ten years younger than me. So I need to do all I can to drop a few so I’m not too afraid to get in the blimin’ pool for fear of being harpooned by a passing local.

I’ve tried mega diets, I’ve tried crash diets and I’ve tried all sorts of tablets and tricks and if I’m honest I’m pretty tired of them all. I’m tired of feeling like I’m winning only to have a bad day and be back to square one again so I’m trying something new.

I’ll be doing a combination of yoga and Davina home fitness DVDs and trying to eat better with the aim of loosing 1lbs a week. It’s not a lot but slow and steady will win the war against wobble. So far so good and I’ve lost 1lbs for each week of the year so far – the challenge will be keeping on track. I know I’ll have good and bad days but at this precise moment and time I feel committed to my 1lbs a week plan as it feels achievable.

I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going….

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