Facebook as a lifeline

People regularly take the mickey out of me for spending too much time on Facebook – I smile, nod and agree most of the time. Sometimes though I want to explain how helpful it can be. Giving up my job to become a stay at home mum wasn’t only a blow to my confidence but its also pretty lonely at times. You feel separated from the world and like some people only talk to you as some sort of half person – they can’t ask questions about you anymore as it’s all about your child. I’m not complaining as being able to spend the last 2.5 years with Emma and watch her grow is a true privilege and most of the time lots of fun!

Facebook helps me connect with my family all over the world, stay in touch with my amazing SB2012 baby group (all lovely non-judgemental, welcoming and kind hearted women from all over Europe) and join groups of other parents with non sleeping children, reflux babies, breech babies and much more. Throughout every step of this new journey there has been someone online or a group for me to join that has been around to help me more than my own friends and family who are all over the world with their own commitments and jobs could ever be no matter how much they want to.

I  have a wilful and high energy child and I’m able to cope with that because of this website that everyone takes the mickey out of me for using. So go ahead – tell me I use it too much, tell me I post too often but please bear in mind that somedays I (and other people who do the same) am just reaching out to make sure I’m not alone or to ask for help or just trying to keep some semblance of life pre-parenting.

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