It’s about freedom

There is something about being a mother to a daughter that makes you an instant feminist. I am a feminist. I would never have used that word to describe myself before my daughter arrived in the world.

The single idea that someone would tell my daughter she couldn’t have a job because she was a woman, that she would be paid less because she was a woman, that she couldn’t make decisions about her own body because she was a woman or she couldn’t make a decision about her life because she was a woman…….. well that angers me.

My husband and I intend to bring her up to believe she can do what ever she wants. If she works hard and earns her rewards the world is open to her in whichever career she chooses. She can literally do whatever she wants to do and shouldn’t be blocked from that because she is a woman. She shouldn’t be deterred from being called bossy, demanding or aggressive while the men around her are being described as forthright, enthusiastic or being natural leaders.

Emma Watson gave a speech at the UN in September 2014 that was truly inspiring. You can watch it here:

or you can read it here:

She points out the word Feminist has recently been termed as man hating and I have to agree. Before my daughter came along I thought it was about that but something has changed now. I now realise that it’s not about gender bashing or making men feel inferior. It’s about choice and it’s about freedom.

If calling myself a feminist means I believe in gender equality and believing my daughter can do what ever she sets her mind to then yes I am a feminist because I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be?


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