Life and Work……….

Work is a funny thing really isn’t it? Its something most of us have to do and a place where we spend more time than at home and yet so many of us dislike what we do.

The first thing we need to get straight is that most people do not work for any reason other than they have to and very rarely do people choose their careers they just kind of ‘happen’. This is a very important fact as it is going to help back up the statement I am about to make:

Your job is just what you do, it is not what defines you and does not change who you are. Your work provides with the funds to do what you enjoy doing and there is no reason to be miserable in a job you hate when you could be actively looking for something you love.

How depressing would it be if someone were to ask your friends what the greatest thing about you was and they all replied that you were a great worker? Wouldn’t it be brilliant if they said you were adventurous, happy, generous or kind? There are so many other things to aspire to that are more important than being really good at your job. If you are in the medical profession please ignore this statement and continue to be really good at your job – that could really backfire on me couldn’t it?!

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t work. I just think if you find that what you do for work makes you unhappy then find something else – life is short and incredibly precious so why waste 40 hours each week doing something you detest?

Not all you career ambitions are within your reach for example if you really fancy the idea of being an astronaut but know this isn’t going to happen why not learn more about the universe, the stars and planets – no it won’t make you any money but you would be as close to it as you could be and the chances are you’d be a happier person for focussing on something you love.

If you are unhappy in your job please look for something else – I hear people everyday telling me that they don’t like their job so don’t follow the crowd, be a trend setter and take a step closer to what you love.

There are 168 hours in every week and you spend 40 of them at work which leaves you with 128 hours to do what you want! Doesn’t it seem daft to do something you don’t like when you could spend those same hours being happy?

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