Chasing that perfect moment……….

Everything is a rush these days and nothing is done on time therefore I really treasure those perfect moments when things go to plan. I always have a plan and rarely fail to follow that plan but just very rarely on time. The perfect moment is the trophy us parenting types seek. When it happens we look around for someone else to recognise what’s just happened and are infuriated when there isn’t anyone there.

There are several moments in the life of anyone that looks after a child that can fall into the category of perfect moments – here are a few

  • You are clearing up at the end of the day and you have all the pieces in the puzzle, an entire tea set and the shapes are all correctly sorted
  • You need to be out of the door by 9:00am and at 8:55am you are ready to go
  • You eat all of your lunch. All of it. By yourself
  • You try to cook something new for dinner and your child not only eats it but goes “mmmmmmm” as they do
  • Having a shower on your own
  • Using the toilet on your own
  • Hearing a child throw a tantrum and the wave of relief that follows when you realised its not yours
  • A hot drink. Drinking it while its hot
  • Managing to cut your childs nails without the usual epic hissy fit
  • Eating a meal out without getting one single side glare from your someone about your small person making noise

I’d love to hear what your perfect moments are – and if you’ve ever achieved them!

J x


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