Dear Spiders…….

So I’ve been reading a lot in the news about how this is going to be a bumper year for spiders which leads me to wonder how any more of these uninvited giants can fit in my house?

Now I’m very very scared of spiders. Very scared indeed. For example I was just hanging out the washing and saw a thread that looked like a spider and ran – quite literally – screaming back into the house. I even did the full body shudder dance just in case one was on me – if you don’t know what this dance is you clearly aren’t afraid enough. Β As I type this I keep nervously looking over my shoulder in case one has crept up on me.

We’ve lived in this house for 6 months now and I have never come across so many spiders in one place as I do here. Not the little ones but the huge Goliath type spiders that should wipe their feet on the way in and be charged rent. There was one in our room the other night that did the worst possible thing any spider can do. It disappeared. How it disappeared I don’t know because it seemed like it was the size of my head but one minute it was there………… the next………gone. Sneaky buggers.

So how do I deal with this fear? I’ve become acutely aware of exactly how many things I’m frightened of since my daughter came along and I really don’t want her to be the same. She’s currently got that fearless curiosity that toddlers have and its beautiful to watch – for example over the summer she let a worm slide over her foot and giggled while it did it. I would have done the running screaming dance again.

As her world changes so does mine and I’ve got to be braver about my fears and learn to tackle them but with spiders I don’t know if its ever going to be something I get over.

Have to stop typing now as I’m freaking myself out thinking about them……. feel like one is watching me from somewhere in this room.

If you need me I’ll be hiding under the duvet.

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