Apples and Smiles

So a couple of weeks ago when it was thundering and pouring with rain there was a elderly chap I saw sheltering on a mobility scooter hiding under an umbrella. Now my folks taught me the one thing you shouldn’t do in a thunderstorm is hide under a tree and especially not with an umbrella.

I ran over the road and said he should come in the house until it passed. He declined which I wasn’t happy about so I left the front door open for him in case he changed his mind. The storm passed and he waved and went on his way – I’ve not seen him since.

Doorbell rings this afternoon and there he is dry and smiling. He hands me a huge bag of apples and says he went past lots of houses in the storm and not one person offered him any shelter. He told me  I was a lovely person and he’d picked me these apples today so I could make a nice pie for the family.

I’ll admit I cried. What a lovely thing for him to do to take the time to pick these and then bring them round. All that effort from him for such little effort from me.

I firmly believe that if you do nice things for people and act nicely people will return kindness and on the whole the world will be a better place. Today I was proved right. Today the world is a nice place.                                        IMAG4311_1


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