Is it bedtime yet?

Having one of those days – you know the ones. The ones where nothing is right from the moment they wake up, the ones where you are literally counting down the minutes till bedtime since before breakfast was started.

Toddlers are the worlds best example of extreme mood swings. Today she has rejected all food and then cried at me because she was hungry, thrown her toys away and then cried because they aren’t in her hand any more and banged on the back door to be let out in the garden and the cried when the door was opened.

If I was treated like this by anyone else I’d walk out the door for sure – no way in the world would I take this kind of crap.

But instead I stick around and just continue to wish the day away………. is it over yet? Nope still 2 hours and 40 minutes until bedtime. *sigh*

If I pop the wine in the fridge now it should be perfect temperature by the time bedtime comes around though!

Feeling better already.


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