Music Makes Me Feel Old…….

Old lady ranting post.

Emma loves music so to make a change from radio I went to the music section on Sky. Could not find a channel that didn’t have half dressed women rolling about. I’m no prude and get that every generation thinks the new one wears less clothes but come on…… These women are basically naked?

I don’t want Emma growing up thinking this is dancing and this is what music is about. Where is the channel for music where people keep their clothes on and don’t sing about whips and chains exiting them. I know Salt n Pepper and Madonna were singing the same them I was a kid but somehow the visual accompaniment is just more uncomfortable.

Where are the positive role models who will teach Emma to dance in the same way I tried to learn Moonwalk? Where are the people singing just having a good time with your mates?

I know I’m an old lady, I know I am probably writing what my folks thought but how come they thought it then and I’m thinking it now and it isn’t getting better it’s getting worse?

Grumpy old lady rant over.

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