Toys for toddlers

Emma is now nearly two and is developing clear tastes for entertainment. With her second birthday fast approaching I thought it was time I took a look at her Amazon wishlist and update it.

I’ll admit I struggled. While she does enjoy her actual toys, here is a quick list of Emma’s favourite toys –

– my wallet

– an empty milk container / water bottle / fizzy bottle of some sort. It must be empty and make an impressive ‘thuk’ noise when hit with a wooden spoon

– a wooden spoon

– my keys

– an empty box

– dirt / soil / mud

– a collection of junk mail preferably collected directly from the front room. )She did  try to post the UKIP back through the letter box to though – I’ll happily admit to both laughing and trying to help her)

– a bucket

The only conclusion I am forced to come to is that toddlers don’t need toys. They need kitchen utensils, gardening equipment and the packaging that toys come in.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we were all this easy to please?

2 thoughts on “Toys for toddlers

  1. big kid says:

    I remember when I was young and went through a phase of using anything and everything to chew on. Needless to say encounters involving a frying pan sticking to my lips, chewing wooden spoons till I had splinters, and what can only be described as an unnatural obsession putting my mouth in pliers never put me off, and to this day I still like to sit in a box (the boxes are somewhat bigger and the opportunities fewer).

    I don’t think some of us ever grow up, we just get older!

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