Splish Splash Splosh……

Yesterday my daughter and I went for a walk round our local heath specifically to find some puddles to stomp in. Miss MIP LOVES puddles and will happily spend hours finding even the tiniest little puddle to splash in – for this reason she lives almost permanently in her wellies at the moment.

I’ve come across some parents who are horrified at the thought of their little ones getting covered in mud where as its a positive aim of mine to make sure Miss MIP is covered in mud as often as possible. Mud is good for children, exploring the world around them is good for children and getting dirty is good for children.

Don’t get me wrong – I also believe in baths and showers for kids but that’s also the main point. If Miss MIP spends a morning digging in the garden trying find worms at the very worst she’ll need a bath or maybe some doc leaves for stinging nettle stings but she would have learned about the texture of the soil, what lives in the ground and how wriggly worms can be when picked up.

I want her to try and climb trees, play with snails and probably try and eat the dirt.

I want for my daughter to be able to explore the world she lives in and learn to love it through texture, taste and smell. After all who doesn’t love the smell of the world after the rain has poured and the only way for her to experience that is to let her roam.

Thankfully for us Miss MIP seems to want to explore as much as want her to which helps otherwise I’d be the odd parent at the park trying to gently push her daughter into a puddle………..


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