True Story

We’ve just moved to a new house and it’s number 92 however on my email to family I accidentally told them I’d moved to number 32.

Get a phone call from my mum the day after we moved in asking what number I lived at, I say number 92 and she says there has been a problem as I’d said number 32. I apologised and said I knew it was annoying but why was she so upset?

She said that the flowers had gone to number 32 to a lady with the same name as me. Yes that’s right there is another lady on the same road I live on with the same name as me. Seriously – what are the chances?!

Turns out she wasn’t anywhere near as amused as I was. The florist delivered my flowers to other me saying congratulations on the new house only for other me to say she’d lived there for 13 years. The florist then said but I’ve got these lovely flowers from your parents and she said but my parents are dead so they can’t be.

Florist is mortified, second me is embarrassed, I’ve got to go and collect flowers from upset second me and it turns out she’s got a cat that lives in the house that I accidentally let out when I went round to get the flowers.

Not the best of days but certainly one of the strangest.

Incidentally the flowers were lovely (thanks mum and dad) and our new house is brilliant but I have never seen or heard from second me since.

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