Review – Baby Einstein Music Table


We were lucky enough to be given this as a present for Emma’s first birthday  – she’s 22 months old and still gravitates towards it almost daily.

The most important thing to note about it is it’s not annoying, in fact it might be one of the least annoying noisy toys she owns. It has a  button on the back that gives it two separate noise settings – not very quiet and not very loud – which is also a blessing. Children’s toys are fantastic fun but the ones that shout at you are annoying, unwelcome and find themselves at the back of the cupboard!

Not so with this great toy from Bright Stars. It teaches counting and colours in English but also in Spanish and French which is good fun at testing your own Tricolour French skills from school too!

It can be stood on legs or on the floor and at Emma’s age we’ve recently taken the legs off it as Emma enjoys carrying it round the room.

In the time we’ve had it (9 months) we’ve not had to change the batteries despite daily use and its also survived being thrown, stood on, danced on and even once had quite a lot of water on it! It has been well and truly toddler tested!

I’d highly highly recommend it as a great toy for any toddler and can see it lasting Emma until she is at least 2.5 years old.

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