I choose Tinkerbell

Emma has recently become interested in films which is delightful for me as it provides a bit of much needed downtime during the day. Its also really interesting to watch her develop clear favourites -(the ones that produce smiles and giggles) and the ones that she does not care for (generally walking off and paying no attention).

Now because of the world we live in I already feel the need to defend my parenting so I’d like to make a clarifying statement that Emma does not spend all day in front of the telly – sometimes she eats and sleeps too 😉 Seriously though she doesn’t – we watch Octonaughts before breakfast, one film in the day if she’s in the mood or isn’t feeling well and then In The Night Garden before bed. I know to some of you that’s a lot but it suits us as we are happy.


The clear favourite at the moment is Tinkerbell and I’m pretty happy with that. Better Tinkerbell than waiting around for someone else to fix it Cinderella or grass is always greener Ariel and don’t even get me started on the sequels to those films.

Tinkerbell is an engineer who can think outside the box, isn’t afraid to be a bit different and understands her own faults. She knows she has a bit of a temper and works on it and is very loyal to her friends. She also has super snazzy footwear and can fly so whats not to love?

Kids are lacking female role models from what I can see and if she chooses to enjoy films about a flying engineer over a princess who lives with a beast with anger management issues that’s ok with me.


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