Review – Staunton Country Park

We popped down to Staunton Country Park today and had a lovely time!

We arrived at 11:30am and were surprised to see a few people leaving already – guessing some had arrived early and were heading back for lunch. We queued for a short while and were glad we had brought the pushchair to help out in the queue or Miss MIP would have been running circles around us. Tickets were £7.50 per adult and the tiny human got in free as she was under three – you can buy family tickets and also become members if you are going to go regularly.

The whole place is pushchair friendly and we saw a few people with wheelchairs as well so access wise its very good. The actual farm itself is good and Miss MIP had a lot of fun – we saw pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ponies, lambs and a beautiful shire foal that was only born yesterday. All are approachable and you can buy bags of food and buckets so the small people (and bigger ones!) can feed some of them by hand.

There is a hand washing station in the middle next to the play barn and play ground – we didn’t go in the play barn but the play ground is fab. It was busy but then its a bank holiday Monday so it was to be expected! We also didn’t go in the cafe as we brought our own lunch but it looked like a good selection and there were lots of areas to eat our lunch without being frowned upon!

The toilets are a bit grubby but with all the rain yesterday it could be to do with that and there is a large baby change and toilet station for little ones.

We had a great time and would recommend it but it would be good if there was some more signs  on how to get around and where to find certain animals. despite finding the signs we never did find the horses!  It would also be good if they set up two different queues on the way in – one track for members and one for paying visitors so the queue could move along a bit quicker.

All in all a good day out and we will be going back again soon!

IMG_9703  IMG_9722 IMG_9732 IMG_9749 IMG_9759

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